Damen1: Double victory for TSG Lollar!

Last Sunday, 11.12.2016, we beat one of the strongest teams of the league for 3:1 in an unforgettable match against GSV Gießen 3. Unfortunately for TUS Löhnberg, their team was incomplete so we couldn´t play the second match. Anyway, thank you for the easy points! We stay at the top of the table.

Sunday 10 am, everybody was sleepy because of party time the night before when the music started to play Latin-American songs (thanks Kitty for the compilation) and we all woke up dancing Xuxa, including the other team J. After warming up it was finally time to play and there we were. First set, easy and with more than 10 points of advantage TSG Lollar was winning. That morning the team was very motivated and focused so we also took home the second set, this time not with such a big difference but still well played. Then the third set came; GSV Gießen 3 seemed to get more confident and the game was turned against us as such that the 3:0 to TSG Lollar was gone. Tired and disappointed we had lost the battle but not yet the war.

The fourth set began, we knew it wouldn´t be easy but totally possible. Somehow our service was not successful by that time, however we kept fighting with triple-front-attack and defense. Then at 7:6 to TSG Lollar the second referee realized that there was a mistake with our formation and player number 12 should be switched by player number 14. It was quite late for such a revelation, anyway they punished us turning the counter back to 0. Far away from pushing us down we became stronger and resisted point after point till the counter was again in our favor, 23:22. Playing safe we crushed GSV Gießen 3 nerves and took the last set home together with the match.

Final result: TSG Lollar:GSV Gießen 3; 3:1 and TSG Lollar:TUS Löhnberg; 3:0.

Well done Mädels+Thomas! Only the sky is the limit J.

Heimspieltag Damen1 GSV Gießen

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